Waiting for Bigfoot Starlinks

August 15th, 2008

So the big bigfoot press conference is supposed to happen pretty soon (At 12 noon Friday Pacific Daylight Time, 3 p.m. on the East Coast), and we’ll start there with bigfoot experts skeptical of body in freezer:

As for the Bigfoot body in the freezer, says Meldrum, “it just looks like a costume with some fake guts thrown on top for effect.”

An online Halloween-costume store, TheHorrorDome.com, based in Port Washington, N.Y., sells a full-sized Sasquatch suit that strongly resembles the thawed-out corpse, right down to the height.

“It definitely looks like our costume,” owner Jerry Parrino, who’s been keeping track of the Bigfoot body story, told FOXNews.com.

I tend to agree.   I think it’s totally possible that bigfoot exists, but am skeptical about this claim so far.   And you know what?   With science it just doesn’t matter.   Show me compelling evidence, and I’ll change my mind.   While waiting for that compelling evidence, read this skeptical take.   GREAT marketing for that bigfoot costume, however, and I predict brisk sales this fall.

OK, onto some cool starlinks:

Faster than light spaceships?   This idea exploits dark energy, in principle.   I mean, we don’t have a clue about what it really is, but when did that stop someone from developing a stardrive around something?   The idea here is that you use it to expand/shrink space exponentially in a controlled way.

Fifteen memorable aliens in science fiction.     The list includes Clarke’s Overlords, but also L. Ron Hubbard’s Psychlos.   Ugh.   And I think such a list must include the K’zinti!

And since they skipped Star Trek, how about them Romulans?   They’re getting their own language now.

Nerd girls seeking to break stereotypes and attract women to careers in science and technology.   Interviewed at msnbc.com.   [Thanks Phil!]

And, putting it all together, for better or worse: the 50 hottest sci-fi girls.

And some people, you just can’t reach.   Given flat earth belief persisting, it sort of makes it hard to keep the faith that science and education can provide everyone with the tools they need in society today, and if they can’t, nothing can.


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