John McCain: Literally Antiscience?

September 17th, 2008

OK, Phil Plait has a rant that is a must-read inspired by this quote from John McCain deriding Obama:

“That’s nearly a million every day, every working day he’s been in Congress,” McCain said. “And when you look at some of the planetariums and other foolishness that he asked for, he shouldn’t be saying anything about Governor Palin.”

What an asshole! This is the kind of casual, unscripted comment that speaks volumes (more so if scripted, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt). A planetarium is a powerful too for education and inspires kids to study science. I loved going to the planetarium and it helped strengthen my interest in astronomy.

McCain has previously officially stated that he’s in favor of doing things to inspire the next generation of scientists and strengthening our technological competitiveness. But he thinks planetariums are foolishness.

What a stupid, stupid man, lacking of vision, curiosity, and wisdom.

I really don’t want to talk politics too often here, but must GOP leaders really show themselves so often as cretinous, close-minded folks who literally find science to be foolishness???

I’m just getting frothy. Go check out what Phil has to say.


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