The Ten Scariest Science Fiction Movies (Including Poll)

September 3rd, 2009

I’ve always been a fan of horror.   I loved monster movies — the old Universal movie classics — as far back as Star Trek at least.   Maybe longer.   A lot of my early science fiction sales were stories with horror elements.   Even today I like horror movies and my favorites tend to be science fiction with strong horror elements.   I mean, I’m tired of the supernatural body that always gets up no matter what you do to it.   It’s old and cliched.   But a robot or alien, with some physical limitations, albeit limitations far beyond those of humans, that’s still scary without the “Oh come on!” factor.

So here’s my list of ten favorites.   I hope you have some others to suggest because I’ve surely missed some.

1. Alien.   The all-time greatest science fiction horror movie, as far as I’m concerned.

2. Event Horizon.   Sort of dumb sometimes, but it builds a spooky mood and is downright awful at times.   Sam Neill with no eyes creeps me out.

3. The Cell.   Beautiful and scary at the same time, like a dream, with the same terrifying power dreams can have.

4. The Thing.   Maybe this one should be higher.   A total classic.   A friend of mine is going on a scientific mission to Antarctica in a few months and I’m urging him to see it.

5. The Terminator.   I’d take the Terminator over Jason any day.   Relentless and scary.

6. Predator.   I’ve seen this one enough times it isn’t scary any more, but I remember the first time I saw it, the jungle coming to life, the instant death, the flayed bodies…

7. Cloverfield.   The reality element to this, and some of the real-life sorts of injuries that happen amidst all the speculative elements, gave me that feeling in my stomach for hours.

8. Pitch Black.   Aliens in the dark.

9. Signs.   OK, it’s dumb, but watching that video on TV with the alien at the birthday party, the hands under the doors…it WAS scary!   Until the end anyway.

10. Hardware.   A little film, but I remember being scared as this was a robot that was harder to kill than the Terminator.   Worth checking out.

Honorable Mentions: Species, Resident Evil, Donnie Darko, Dark City

What do you think?

Which is the scariest science fiction movie?

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