Friday Starlinks

December 11th, 2009

I have some other things to post about, but I’ve gathered up a giant pile of links to clear off my list and share.   Also, keep in mind the Launch Pad podcast later tonight.

First though, science fiction writer Peter Watts has apparently been beaten and arrested trying to cross home into Canada from the US.   I’m upset and pissed off about this.   I have little doubt that nothing was going on initially and someone overreacted and made nothing into something that is going to fuck up Peter’s life for a little while, or perhaps a long while.   He’s likely to need some expensive legal aid, and while he sells more books than I do, I know he isn’t rich.   Check out his donations page where you can download several of his cool novels for free.

There are a lot of people and websites doing end of year and end of decade lists.   I’m resisting for the moment, but here are some others.

Mary Robinette Kowal has the ten best fantasy movies of the decade.

John Scalzi has the ten worst science fiction blockbusters of the decade.

I wonder what this says about the quality of science fiction vs. fantasy movies in recent years?   There have been some good sf movies, but I think fantasy has been better overall.

SFCrowsnest has the 100 favorite sf/fantasy/horror novels of the last year.   Spider Star is sitting at #26.   Cool!, not my favorite site usually, has the ten hottest aliens.   I have to say, a pretty damn good list overall.

Ten Ways Space Travel isn’t like TV or Movies.   Pretty good list.   I might have a very small technical quibble over a detail or two, but nice overall.

And a really great list concerning Five Disturbing Ways Humans will Evolve. Cool, fun, disturbing stuff.   (Thanks Jon!)

The relativity of wrong, an old Asimov essay.   This came up in the context of some of the various science deniers who have absolute notions and think science is like a religion.   Well, it isn’t.   And even thought it changes, our knowledge is continually improving and we know more about how things work, and just because old theories turned out to be wrong doesn’t mean that every current idea is also wrong.

Speaking of which, Science-gate.

A fun cartoon about that mysterious thing in the sky over Norway a few days ago.

Incredible Vista of the Cosmos (from Bad Astronomy).

Top Model Adrienne Curry likes to hang out naked and stoned playing World of Warcraft.   With photo goodness.   Why isn’t every woman like this?   Why is it usually only the male basement dwellers?   Oh, well, Peter Brady is a lucky man.   Although I don’t know if she would look good with a Mr. T mohawk…

Physics hottie Maria Spirolulu lectures about the technology and science of the Large Hadron Collider.   Maybe that hot particle physicist in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons was not so unusual after all.

And finally, Harlan Ellison on God (thanks to sfsignal, and check out some of the comments over there):


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