Late Sunday Night Starlinks

January 17th, 2010

Some travel, associated jet lag, and the first week of classes have slowed me down.   Getting on top of things again!

An article about my buddy Brian Malow, science comdeian.   Can there be too many of these?   Didn’t think so…

And here’s a budding science comedienne, Felicia Day, in a video about colliding galaxies:

(And there is a redesign coming soon, really! So these wide videos won’t slop over the side so much.)

And more of the funny science videos here.

Space supply cannon. Cool!

Understanding creative success.   Interesting…but I wish I could apply the lessons better!   I mean, there’s the nobody knows school discussed, but if you want to be an original it’s harder it sounds like.   And who wants to be a copy?   A rich, famous, successful copy?   Oh, ok…I get it.

I’m kind of overwhelmed by the gay hate out there still.   I guess even when it is fading, there are a few diehard haters unwilling to let go.

Green Guilt.   Basically about environmentalism as a religion.   Again.   It shouldn’t be, and isn’t for many.   Some weak souls can find faith in anything, however.   At least environmentalism is a good thing more often than most religions (see the hating bit above).

The numbers behind American lives.   Interesting numbers.   I wish the number of bookreaders was higher…

One right-wing conservative science-hating politician who sucks more than most.   This guy is a disgusting IDiot, really!

And this kind of IDiot spills over into not just our kids, but the general public, believing (or disbelieving here) things for political reasons or propoganda rather than science.   A third of the country thinks there’s no evidence for global warming. Christ.   Can we teach people how to look at a plot and tell if it is going up or down with time over the long run, if it has any noise or short-term trends at all?   Apparently not.   I mean, I guess a larger fraction of the people don’t believe in evolution and do believe angels (which can’t fly) are flying around out there.

Pretty late on this one, and other stories from the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, D.C. last week.   Blame the travel.   Anyway, there was a very silly story out there and Phil Plait wrote a great refutation of the silly parts, concerning a “nearby” supernova “frying” us.   Funny, for once Phil isn’t hawking death from the skies…


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