Ten Great Geek Shopping Wesbites

January 28th, 2010

Although I mostly shop online, I still get catalogs in the mail — most of which have websites I can then visit to actually shop.   I’ll look at a catalog in a way I won’t look at online spam, so I guess they’re still effective.   Once in a long while I order things, sometimes a lot, and I had some friends visit recently who ordered from them, too.   I thought I would compile some nice websites that cater to selling what I can only call “geek toys.”   Here’s my short list, and I hope you’ll suggest some that I don’t list.

Think Geek.   Where I got my first green laser, and may have to get a Vampire Seduction Handbook.

Kotous.com.   Where I’m going to have to buy light saber chopsticks. 😉

Hammacher Sclemmer.   Always some things I want in these catalogs, but haven’t bought.

Spencer Gifts.   I love this store in the mall, but you can order online, too.

Skymall.   That airplane catalog.   Always cool stuff in here, but usually cheaper someplace else.

Sharper Image.   Also seem to be able to find things cheaper elsewhere.

Gizmodo.   Not exactly a shopping site, really, but it does sometimes give me shopping ideas!

Westfield Comics.   I don’t buy comics so often anymore, but I used this company for many years and can recommend them.

Threadless Tees.   Lots of very geeky t-shirts here.   I have at least a dozen in my closet.

X-treme Geek.   Haven’t used them before, but like stuff on the site.

OK, what wonderful websites did I miss?   I have a birthday coming up in March, and amazon isn’t the only website in the geek universe!


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