Selected Late Sunday Night Starlinks

January 30th, 2010

It’s been a busy semester so far, and I’ve had giant “to do” lists.   I spent the evening hanging artwork on the walls as part of my remodeling.   Some of the pictures have been leaning against an out of the way wall for four months already.   Still I wanted to share some links.

Women’s Studies programs removed from Canadian universities: “These courses has done untold damage to families, our court systems, labour laws, constitutional freedoms and even the ordinary relations between men and women.”   I guess I don’t shed a tear if these are gone.   I’m egalitarian, and have always feared something asymmetric about such courses.   Where are the Men’s Studies courses?   I guess some would say every other course and department out there, but that’s not exactly fair.   It’s fucked up not to have Women’s Studies with Men’s Studies and pretend everything is ok.   And if everything gets ok someday, who will judge and who is going to kill Women’s Studies?   Not me — I’d be afraid.   Well, that should be provocative enough for some comments….moving on.

Pervasive online book piracy.   What about offline — libraries?   Oh, here.   A trillion dollars.   Benjamin Franklin, that liberal anti-corporate mother fucker!

Bible-themed comics.   For the record, I think they suck!!!

United States accepting fundamentalist home schooling mother fuckers because Germany has educational standards.   And we’re turning away other foreigners with advanced degrees who want to stay here.   We’re morons, or at least our laws are moronic.   I blame Republicans.   Here’s an example of why.   Independents, too.   Sheep.   Show me something shiny that hates gays and let me vote for it, no matter what!

And the guys with similar views, who I do respect?   Short-sighted, too.   Obama to axe moon mission, apparently.   Yeah, we’re broke, but some things you don’t turn your back on.   Research and exploration are two of those things.

Charlie Stross on Macmillan vs. Amazon, if you didn’t know about the fight.

Truly excellent site about scales of the universe. Really, do check it out!   (Thanks Travis! And for more below.)

Youtube video about Atheism worth checking out.

Want a shuttle engine from NASA? Don’t know why they don’t keep them and put them on display, really.

Garden shed astrophotography.

OK, off to bed.   Class prep and paper revisions on the agenda for Monday.   Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!


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