Sunday Starlinks

April 11th, 2010

Another big pile of starlinks here for Sunday.

From Popular Mechanics, the best in armchair astronomy.   Includes commercial and academic sites.

Spike gives us the Top Seven Hottest Female Movie Geeks.   Pretty good list.

15 Techie Wristwatches Worth Wearing.   A slideshow, but some watches worth checking out, I think.

Church of the Sub-Genius awaits the end of the world, again, on July 5: X-day.

Boy, am I behind on this one, at least in internet time.   First impressions of the (unfortunately named) iPad.   I have a couple of friends who have gotten them, and have heard positive things from them, although I haven’t checked one out myself just yet.

The story about the Battlefield Earth script.   Interesting.   Apparently a terrible movie, and I have avoided it like the space plague.

Another story about conservatives lying (about healthcare reform in this instance).

A science guy who has been disappointed with his two latest science fiction reads: The Quiet War by Paul McAuly and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemsin (which is fantasy and not science fiction, I believe).   I’m reading The Quiet War myself, and while I find a lot of interesting things about it, it’s been a major slog, with the style being too slow and distant for my taste.   Lots of summarizing, not enough cultural detail in some respects.

The power of math can defeat traffic tickets! Cool story.   It’s actually more akin to science than math…maybe applied math.

James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia hypothesis, not so optimistic about the state of Earth.

Tiny Cube to Tackle Space Junk.   I’d call it Quark.   (Obscure?)

io9 gives us the biggest tear-jerkers in the science fiction pantheon.   Some good choices.

The worst science journalism ever? (Doubt it, but a good candidate!)

And finally, creativity and fundamentalism may be as incompatible as science and religion.


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