Sunday Starlinks

November 28th, 2010

I decided to take it easy over Thanksgiving, to let some things slide a bit (including the stress levels and sleep deprivation from work), and unfortunately posting blog entries was one of those things.   So, I missed a few Thanksgiving-related links being timely, but I’ll include them anyway.

John Scalzi on saying Thanksgiving the science fictional way.

Thanksgiving Physics.   This was for Canadian Thanksgiving, but I think they have the same physics there.

I may do my own revised, stand-alone version in coming days, but here’s SFSignal’s Mind-Meld about Geek Gifts for the holidays, and I have my own contribution there.   Some nice suggestions there.

The Royal Society’s Lost Women Scientists.   A lot of astronomers discussed.

Oh, a really controversial list, I think.   10 Nerd Movies better than the Books they were Based on.   Some good choices, and some I think that people won’t agree with the author about (e.g. Starship Troopers).

What’s in the sky in December: a meteor shower and a lunar eclipse.

A billion homes likely lost, and entire nations flooded, due to climate change.   Surely not mine.   I live at 7200 feet.

Sad news, fans of Airplane! and Forbidden Planet…Leslie Nielson dead.   And stop calling me Shirley.

Anne R. Dick’s memoir about her ex-husband Philip K. Dick discussed at the New York Times.


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