Sunday Night Starlinks

February 6th, 2011

I have a bunch of other links saved on the desktop, but let’s go with the laptop links tonight.  There’s a bunch, and some are a little older and need to be shared far and wide because they’re pretty cool.

Let’s start with a science fiction related tv commercial in honor of the superbowl.  I was impressed with how many big budget science fiction or superhero movies were advertised, but check this out:

Here’s an article about the kid in the commercial.

I also discovered a blog called Radiation Cinema that wrote an interesting and insightful post about the classic movie Forbidden Planet.

Some images from Captain America: The First Avenger.  I think I’m going to like this.  I’m a little more pessimistic about Thor.  And here’s a sort of weird article about superhero costume colors.

Chastity Belt.  Take it in good fun, Trekkies.  And if you somehow missed it, Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek pitch.  Interesting.

The Bad Astronomer Phil Plait has a great article about 5 Outrageous Astronomical Goofs in Great Science Fiction Movies.

I’m a fan of Fringe, and apparently it is doing okay in its new Friday timeslot.  Hoping for renewal for another season.

Martin Gaskell sent me an email last week to say hello and comment on some of the blog entries I wrote concerning his lawsuit of the University of Kentucky for religious discrimination.  He and I agree on many things, probably not concerning a few subtleties.  Have a look at Martin Gaskell on the Gaskell affair.

And speaking of religious discrimination, I’m pretty pissed off about some of the things going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We went to the trouble of fucking around with these countries.  The least we could have done was given them a decent constitution, the way we did with the Japanese.  If they’re going to pull this shit, we should just pull out and let them go to hell on their own.  I don’t want my tax dollars supporting this sort of evil.

But we’ve got evil conservative assholes in the USA, too.  A public high school teacher was asked to resign because her facebook page showed her with alcohol.  Jesus Christ.  I just don’t even know what to say about this, but it’s stupid, unfair, and makes me mad.  We’ve got a bunch of overly sensitive assholes out there, and a bunch of facilitating pussies that do what they say.  The article goes on to launch into the issue of the internet and privacy in general, or lack thereof.  David Brin has been speaking and writing about this for years, and it’s clear our society has some growing pains to go through before we get to a healthy place with this issue.  At least the teacher wasn’t sentenced to death.

More assholes in the USA, religious ones this time, about expelling a family from their church because of issues with their gay son and his choice of Halloween costumes (i.e. Daphne).

Another article about the “CSI Effect” in courtrooms.  TV and movies really do influence what the public thinks it knows about science.

Bill O’Rielly continues to be an idiot, a tool, and apparently proud of his ignorance of astrophysics.  Man, such an incredible dork.  I won’t embed the video since it can only make people stupider to watch.  This is basically a “god of the gaps” argument, and eventually he will be forced to the Pope’s position, that God caused the Big Bang.  Until we find a cause for the Big Bang.  Then god must have caused that.

Cleanse your mind of that with NASA’s new 3d image of the sun.  I mean…God’s image.

More cleansing.  Bill Nye the Science Guy on the importance of evolution in science education.

Finally, a little off topic for me, but given the date, timely.  A call for a Valentine’s Day boycott, based on the notion that it’s discriminatory against men who are expected to pony up for expensive gifts and dinners.  Personally, I think you handle that and all holidays by being equal handed in the relationships.  Any relationship that feels too one-sided is problematic.  You can have very asymmetric relationships that work, but both partners must feel like they’re getting what they need from their partner.


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