Monday Starlinks

February 7th, 2011

Yes, I have more.  The internet keeps spitting them out and I can’t stop it…

School boy gets help with project from NASA.  THIS is the sort of thing I want to see more of in the world.  Inspiration, education, caring…

Fox News continues to suck.  The specific intstance is their failure to muster coherent or factually correct arguments against global warming, even though their corporate masters make them do it.  The folks at Fox News know no science, don’t care about the science, and only wish to try to sway ignorant people to their point of view by making shit up.  Moreover, 93% of Wall Street Journal Op-Eds misrepresent climate science.  This should be criminal when it becomes a sustained pattern of disinformation from something that portrays itself as a news source.

Let us go to a more reliable source of news, The Onion.  Republicans Vote to Repeal Obama-Backed Bill that would Destroy Asteroid Headed for Earth.  Unfortunately, I can see this happening.  “It’s really expensive, and some guy on the internet who once audited classes at MIT thinks the asteroid might not hit us too hard, so we need to wait for a scientific consensus before wasting taxpayer dollars.”

More bogus science:  A PhD in “Essential Oils?” Ugh!  The stupid, it burns.

Now THIS I love: Carl Sagan and his fully armed spaceship of the imagination.  Go Carl!

Five Reasons the James Webb Space Telescope is Awesome.  Or will be, anyway.

Science Fiction vs. Fantasy. Heh.  My kind of thinking there, Steve!  I like it.

Orbital mechanics for werewolves. I love this, and have been wishing for years that there would be a bunch of urban fantasy novels that taught people about phases of the moon.

Interesting but long New Yorker article about Guillermo Del Toro.  I admit, I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I know already I want to live in his house.

Robin in the new Batman movie, maybe, and why that could be a good thing.

Wizard of Oz goes Steampunk.  Yes, steampunk has gotten too popular.  Flying monkeys with jetpacks and rocket skates…

But thanks to the Japanese, MUCH SCARIER masked waiter monkeys:


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