Oh So Tardy Starlinks!

March 9th, 2011

Some of these are weeks old, some I just found minutes ago…  Most are just super cool and must be shared.

Let’s start with this awesome visual map of the history of science fiction.  Not sure if I agree with all the little details, but it rocks for sure.

OK, a NSFW comedy video based on Star Trek: I’m a Big Chocolate Slut.  Again, bad words, so don’t watch at work unless you work someplace super cool.

Michio Kaku talks about evolution and gets quite a lot of it totally wrong. PZ Meyers appropriately rips him a new one for it. I’m personally not a big fan of Kaku, going back to the days when he lied about the dangers of the Cassini mission for his own political ends. He also seems weirdly overly enthusiastic about some things to point where I don’t trust what he’s saying sometimes. For example, he’s a string theorist and shouldn’t be drinking his own kool aid about string theory.

Not just physicists, but biologists are also asked to opine beyond their levels of expertise.  My bias is that I strongly believe everyone who sounds like they know what the future is bringing is full of shit.  At least the biologist knows something about evolution…

Some global warming type links.  If Climate Scientists are in it for the money, they’re doing it wrong.  Apparently believing in climate change and wanting to do something about it makes you a communistSeven answers to climate change denier nonsense.

How to evaluate a news story.  (Funny comic, astrology)

Some superhero links.  They killed off the Human Torch, and now Spider-man is the new member of the Fantastic Four with new costume goodness.  Script for David E. Kelly Wonder Woman pilot discussedJoker Rubik Cube art (way cool).

The trouble with Bright Girls.  Some good stuff in here, but perhaps some confusing mixing it up with gender and generalizations.  I think the thing to take away, bright or not, female or not, is that it is useful not to give up and seeing intelligence and ability as innate can be a stumbling block to learning.

How to make a tractor beam for real.  Cool physics, but I’m not sure it will be possible to scale this up.

Paramount buys rights to John Scalzi’s book Old Man’s War.  I’d love to see this made well.

How to piss off nerds.  Make sure you scroll down through the comments to see a second way.

NASA/DARPA 100 Year Starship.

Super cool Swedish subway system.

10 Creepy Real-life Robots.

Finally, let’s finish with a few links to articles about the Kepler Mission to find exoplanets.  OneTwoThree.  The last one is a super cool video showing the Kepler results so far with graphics and music.


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