Left Behind Sunday Starlinks

May 22nd, 2011

Miss me? I didn’t go anywhere, and neither did anyone else. It’s kind of crazy and stupid that idiots can get so much press that we all are aware of their superstitious crap. Kirk Cameron is still here, and needs a banana shoved into him — after all, it seems perfectly designed to fit inside his deluded Left Behind ass.

The Nebula awards were this weekend. Upcoming Launchpad participant Eric James Stone won one, which is very cool. Past participant Rachel Swirsky also won one. Cool!

Is crytozoology pseudoscience? Not necessarily. Some string theory is pseudoscience, and some UFO stuff is good science. I want to bitch slap people who label whole fields. Science is a methodology. It can be applied to anything, and be good work. If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand science, and shouldn’t be commenting, because you’re a clueless idiot skeptic asshole. Makes me kind of want to ignore anyone who doesn’t do science who writes about science, except a few are clued in and smart about it. Now, a lot of cryptozoology may not be the most productive science, but someone out in the field talking to people, collecting evidence, doing tests…that’s SCIENCE. Sure, we can make fun of the believers in psychic invisible robot bigfoot from another planet, but not the people doing science. If you do, you’re no friend of mine.

Not a miracle. Science. Technology lets a paralyzed man stand again. If the Pope or anyone else praised god for this, I’d like to cockpunch them.

Jeez, I sound kind of angry tonight, reading this over. The hypocrisy and the rapture thing have ticked me off, I think. Worthless people getting attention they don’t deserve, stealing the credit from those more worthy.

A hard case now…Newt Gingrich, political idiot/asshole who likes science and science fiction. Maybe he’s running to push his book about American Exceptionalism. As an academic, I still see it in operation. Science takes creativity and individualism, something we know how to do. Other countries are figuring it out, however.

Another political asshole who is so biased and blind he doesn’t realize what a giant disservice he is doing…Mike Huckabee, evolution denier, teaches kids history.

Another hard case. Why the fuck did NASA let the Pope, giant superstitious unscientific cult leader, call astronauts in space? This guy represents the opposite of everything NASA stands for. The Catholic church is not about science or reality, despite the strange tradition of their Jesuits, because they claim things that are unscientific and ridiculous. Don’t agree with me? Let’s talk about how condoms cause Aids, humans returning to life, miracles like flying Saints or weeping statures, or any of another dozen pieces of crap that can’t even be called pseudoscience. Anyway, I am embarrassed. The Pope is fucking blessed that NASA lets him ride their contrails into space and he should be kissing their calculators in perpetuity for the privilege.

Other religious folks are suggesting that science is causing “literal thinking” that is affecting religious belief. They seem to think that’s a bad thing. The basis of their complaints seems to be a poor understanding of science, not understanding the difference between proof and the preponderance of evidence, and thinking that faith is actually reasonable. It isn’t.

Would a cute girl in Hulk Hands turn you on?

What’s the value of a college education? Honestly, I can’t see going to an Ivy League school these days unless you’re filthy rich. You can get a good education a lot of places if you’re willing to work, and there are cheaper universities with great professors. And speaking of education, alternative methods work better than traditional lecture, and I need to learn some new tricks.

This article about the argumentative theory makes me understand better, maybe, why lawyers and politicians are so prominent in our society and make so much money. It also makes me more empowered to teach people about the alternative: scientific thinking. Science is not about convincing people you’re right — it’s about getting at the right answer.

Here’s an example of the crap out there…9/10 climate science denying scientists are financially tied to Exxon. That is not science, that is rigging the game and they should be publicly spanked and fined out the ass. And some of these folk plagiarize and get their papers retracted, and blame their students.

OK, exoplanet science is progressing well. Habitable planet being confirmed. Another article about this.

Amateur astronomy is coming along, and in some ways matching professional astronomy in some categories. What one man and a bunch of cameras can do.

This one is a bit older in internet years…Ian Banks says science fiction is no place for dabblers. I agree, although he took some flak from some quarters for sounding elitist.

Roger Ebert writing about writing about Thor. I agree with some of his detractors, as he missed a bunch of stuff, but I appreciate his forthrightness and his perspective.

Downsides of high intelligence. I definitely suffer from some of them.

The fun of going faster than light


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