Sunday Night Starlinks

June 27th, 2011

After a month of traveling, both for work and fun, I’m going to stick close to home for a couple of months.  Only two weeks to go until Launch Pad, which will keep me pretty busy, but a chance to relax a bit, put in some steady work on some neglected research projects.  Lots of links to catch up on, too…

Charlie Stross takes down the singularity.  He isn’t exactly a prophet for the rapture of the nerds.  Interesting reading.  The short version of his article is “Santa Claus doesn’t exist.”

Christianity is a science starter, not a science stopper.  I seriously doubt it, and think the article is trying waaaaaay too hard.

And…Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution.  No, it doesn’t.  Science does.  Maybe in some circles there’s a tradition, but in my opinion faith is sure not required, and actually gets in the way.  In related news, Michelle Bachmann supports Creationism in schools.  Ugh.

In Australia, climate scientists are getting death threats.  Come on, science-denying conservatives, this is a bit too far don’t you think?

The Religion of Global Warming (and they should have added “Denial” at the end of title, since that’s what it’s about — and here’s a recent example with Santorum.)

And Al Gore in Rolling Stone on the Climate of Denial.

I read Superfreakonomics on one of my recent trips, and while I enjoyed much of the book overall, I was shocked and annoyed at some of the crap in their chapter on global warming.  I was going to blog about it, but I’m a couple of years late and many have already done it very thoroughly.  Here’s one place to start, among others.  Makes me worry about what else they’re getting wrong in other chapters concerning things I know less about.

Plague could worsen with global warming.

Tech millionaires going in for long-term projects.  Like over thousands of years.  If we get that covered, and folks thinking about the next election or quarter, why can’t we get the more important 5-10 year range covered?

Aping the early human workout.

Anyone got alternatives for rockets?

Very cool video of a year of the moon in a few minutes.  Must see.

Revenge of the Feminerds: Barriers to Women in Science.

The Chinese are building the biggest radio telescope that will be bigger than Aricebo.

Wikipedia on lunar eclipses, or why you need to be careful with wikipedia.  (Nice find from Brian Malow.)

Vampire stars.

Is education the next bubble? While I agree that many universities are overpriced, I disagree that education should be seen only in financial terms.  Learning is worthwhile even if it doesn’t lead to economic profit.  Spending $100k on some degrees, however, is hard to justify.

Really interesting article at io9 concerning myths about the future.  Not exactly futurism, but about futurism.

I’m generally optimistic about the future, but the state of the ocean is “shocking” to say the least.  We do have some serious problems to clean up.

Alan Moore on magic.

NPR is going to do a list of 100 best science fiction and fantasy books.  Get ready for more controversy, perhaps…  Looks like nominations are now closed, but voting will be enabled soon.

Kirk vs. Kirk. Arm wrestling?  It should be alien babe bedding or smirking or Man-Vulcan love…

7 science fiction films where the movie changed the original book ending.  Some are classic, some errors, in my opinion.

A “Brokeback Mountain” moment for atheists?  I’m not sure that’s a term that should catch on, even if the sentiment is a good one.

Writing advice for summer.

Superhero Starlinks (so many they get their own section tonight)

First, an article from io9 close to my heart: what is the most scientifically plausible superpower?

And top ten superpowers every man wants.

10 things wanted in a Superman reboot

Captain America pics.  Hugo Weaving as Red Skull looks awesome.  New trailer is available, too.

Green Lantern cosplay photos.

Totally demented Green Lantern stories.

The science of Green Lantern.  One of my old astro buddies, Mark Hammergren, is liberally quoted.  Go Mark!

The physics of Superman.  Wonder what his GRE score would be?

Wonderfully asinine superhero origin stories.  Some are real howlers.

Characters that comic book movies got wrong.  Bane is number one on my list.

Does Batgirl get paid?  Better be as much as Robin! Weird commercial…and I actually think that Robin does a little more for Batman than Batgirl does, wink wink.

And let’s finish up with a trailer for Aquaman:


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