Launch Pad 2012 Guest Instructor will be Geoffrey Landis

August 29th, 2011

Geoffrey Landis, multiple Hugo and Nebula award winning author and NASA scientist, will be the Launch Pad Guest Instructor for 2012.  Dates are not yet determined, but likely the 2nd or 3rd week of July as usual.  Applications will open March 1 as usual as well.

Personally, I’m thrilled.  Geoffrey Landis is the kind of skilled writer and knowledgeable space scientist who can bring a lot to the workshop.

Right now, 2012 is the last year I have funding for the workshop, although I hope to secure more in the next year.  We’ll see.

And as for 2011, I want to highlight a recent newpaper article by participant Jennifer Willis that emerged as a direct result of the workshop: With no light pollution, they’ve got stars in their eyes.  Jerry Oltion is quoted.


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