Sunday Night Starlinks

December 19th, 2011

Here’s the links for this past week (and a bit beyond, probably).

Let’s start with the most important thing: Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

You’ve probably heard about the hints of the Higgs.  Wish it wasn’t called the “God particle” because that’s meaningless.  Debunking Santa is practice for debunking God.  Oops.  Maybe particle physicists need an X-mas display, too, along with other non-traditional ones.

Still no cure for…oh, maybe!

Simulating the universe.  Think BIG!

Phil Plait has his top 24 deep space pics of 2011.

Thinking more locally, scientists involved in the occupy movement.

Nice article about Einstein’s problems with quantum mechanics and why he was wrong.  In science, authority doesn’t dictate, experiment does.

Five cool science demos to do at home.  Some are cool.

Karl Schroeder on the Fermi Paradox.

Exoplanet travel posters!  Some of these would make good book covers!

Studying alternative medicine with federal tax dollars.    I’m in favor of a limited amount of this.  There may be some diamonds in the rough, and debunking some things authoritatively might help dissuade some.

Bonnie Hammer makes the SyFy channel super profitable!   I have to admit my love/hate relationship with the channel.  Some stuff is great, some terrible.   Wonder what makes the most money?

Horror convention cruise in April.  Wonder if it’s too late to score a cruise…

Ten greatest “MacGyvers” of science fiction.  From io9.

Ricky D. Line, a county school superintendent in Kentucky is unhappy that evolution is going to be taught as fact and creation ignored, when after all, “it’s interesting that the great majority of scientists felt Pluto was a planet until a short time ago, and now they have totally changed that. There are scientists who don’t believe that evolution happened.”  He also says some crap about the Big Bang which demonstrates he doesn’t know much about cosmology.  Folks like this should not be in education.  Fundamentalism is the opposite of learning, and should be kept far away.

And while we’re on superstitions and fundamentalism, can’t we as a species stop executing people for “sorcery?!”

Autism has been there all along.   Let’s work out what the real increase is, if any.

NASA concerned about climate change.  So say we all (or we should).  And we’re probably doing too little too late.  I’m an optimist, but still think it’s going to have to hurt before the situation improves, and it’s likely going to hurt a lot.  Michael Mann lays it all out:

Still, it may be possible to reach some people, e.g. Christian fundamentalists.  Hope so.  I’d rather just educate them generally, but that hasn’t worked.





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