Sunday Starlinks

April 15th, 2012

Some followup to my post about the vile anti-science tactics of global warming denialistsNASA gives a very reasonable and polite reply, making points I agree with.  Phil Plait is less polite, making more points I agree with.  Shawn Lawrence Otto is a bit more polite, but very thorough in his smackdown, saying a lot of similar things to what I said, and then some.

In more stupid, anti-science news, police in India are looking to arrest Sanal Edamaruka for debunking a Jesus statue that started spewing holy water.  Guess what?  There was a leak!  Apparently he made some gullible religious people feel bad, and there’s a blasphemy law in place to stop people from making gullible religious people feel bad by pointing out that they’re gullible.  I’m floored.  I wasn’t planning to visit India any time soon, but this simultaneously makes me want to stay as far away as possible and also to fly there in solidarity to debunk as many ridiculous miracles I can find.  [Thanks for the head’s up, Jon.]

Life on Mars?  Very probably, says new analysis of old Viking Lander experiments.  People tend not to recall that there were three life-detecting experiments and that they were not unanimous about the “no life” conclusion that NASA/media/public settled on.

On how asteroids hitting the Earth likely spread life to other bodies in the solar system.  I wonder if we’ll find that we’ve already contaminated local space, and that even as the dinosaurs were dying, life was spreading.  “Life finds a way.”

Love this link.  How big is the Death Star?  Lots of nerd analysis, frame by frame, to get the scale.

The BBC reports on Kentucky bigfoot hunters.  Why?  I don’t know…seems weird.

I would so go to Mesa’s Monsterland Bar and Grill!

Zombie survival maps!  Actually a really good resource for writers and survivalists more generally, too.

Car accident gives woman psychic powers.

Wyoming town of Buford, population 1, sells for $900,000 to Vietnamese buyer.  I drive through Buford all the time, so I got a kick out of this story.

One UFO storyA second UFO story.  UFO.

OK, something really interesting.  Joss Whedon on Buffy vs. the Black Widow!

Ever notice how some rich people seem less compassionate?  Apprently it’s true.

Before Watchmen, there were Minutemen.  I am so going to buy that graphic novel.

Five things that affect memory.  It seems I should start talking like Sean Connery to help my female students remember their lessons.

Using astronomy to create more interesting fantasy worlds.



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