Through a Sunday (Starlinks) Darkly…

April 29th, 2012

Let’s start with a bunch of dark matter links.  Apparently it’s shooting through us all the time but not causing cancer (heh).  There may be some issues to resolve about dark matter, what it is, how it works, but those are good puzzles to have and there’s lots of evidence the stuff is there, even when someone who seems to have a personal vendetta against claims to have shockingly disproven it.  (Naw, don’t think so.  Not yet anyway.)

How about string theory having issues?  Well, I thought it had issues before I read this article.

Too many of the arguments in support of string theory smack of philosophy rather than physics, and in a bad way.  I sometimes say things about entire fields (philosophy, economics, journalism, social science) that sound negative when in fact I’ve got specific bad examples in mind and recognize that there is worthwhile work being done in addition to what I see as worthless crap too well tolerated.  I’ll let Lawrence Krauss apologize for me with something akin to my sentiments.

I won’t apologize for this.  Primate change.  Laugh it up, monkey boy!

15 Comic Book TV shows/movies that didn’t happen.  Click on the Daredevil/Black Widow link for a horrifying picture.

33 science fiction/fantasy movies that did happen and are coming out this summer.  33…whoa!

One of them coming a bit after summer, The Hobbit, may result in a disturbance in the force at 48 fps.

Also not coming this summer, but it should be coming, is Kick-Ass 2, which I’m looking forward to seeing!  And probably 3 as well.

And Fringe is renewed for a 13-episode season five, to tie up the series storyline(s) in 100 episodes even.  Nice!  I wish every show with multi-episode storylines got a change to plan for a series ending.

Global warming alarmist now recants.  Thing is, Lovelock didn’t have the science behind his alarmism, and now doesn’t have the science behind his change of heart.  I won’t say change of mind since he’s not using enough of it in general.  The real climatologists’ predictions have been pretty close and haven’t changed too much.

Not a huge fan of mouse studies, but exercise probably does help your brain and body and a bunch of other stuff, so just do it.  Nike.

Guy builds a sort-of working phaser! Cool!


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