Sunday Starlinks

August 19th, 2012

I only do these once a week, usually, because that helps me filter.  Every day a dozen things seem really interesting, but after a few days, only a few from each day do.  Of course, after a month, or a year, probably only a few of each week’s links still seem really interesting.  Maybe I’ll try to do monthly or annual link lists…that might be fun.

In light of my recent post about Girls Get Curves and alternative ways of interesting kids in various topics, we are not the first generation to think of this.  Some pretty weird parings have happened in the past, like Spider-man and Planned Parenthood and other superhero PSAs.  The Batgirl thing is quite, odd, too, in its implementation (kind of makes her look like a bitch…which is not how I think it’s supposed to come off).  Actually, they’re all really odd…

A really detailed guide to reading Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  For the Miller, Batman, and 1980s comic fan, it’s a cool read!  Batgirl’s head explodes, wonders how much a female (but again underaged) Robin gets paid.

Microthrusters!  It’s not about the size, it’s about the endurance.

“Darwin made it up!”  A certain fraction of Republican politicians aren’t even trying to make sense any more.  You vote for someone like this, I pity you worse than him.  Question of the day: If liberals evolved from conservatives, why are conservatives still around?

Global warming is another thing that scientists didn’t just make up, but continue to study.  The sun and its role are part of that study.  We are likely to be facing a decreased era of sunspots, but it’s not going to have a significant effect on our temperatures.  I can do the math and calculate this.  If you’re a denier, can you?

Sexless future?  Pretty interesting, actually.  And science says that women also stare at boobs.

Skulls on space shuttles.  Read the footnote, too.  (Let me plug Mike Mullane in general as a good astronaut writer and this book is likely worth a closer look.)

In science fiction heaven, they’re shouting “Make room!  Make room!”  RIP Harry Harrison.  I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish The Stainless Steel Rat, and didn’t do so great on a math test the next day.

Ask Stan Lee.  Some fun replies.

Uwingu, a new way to fund space science and education.  If this works out, I might look into it.  The NASA grant funds I’ve tapped into in the past for Launchpad are no longer available (temporarily at least, but who knows?).


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