Dragoncon Aftermath

September 3rd, 2012

Internet coverage was non-existent or stupid expensive at the con, and I was likely too busy to blog anyway…I’ll have some pictures and tell some stories about it this week.

Let me say that the astronomy workshop was a success, although one day is sooooo short for such a big universe.  Two days would have been much better but I don’t think we’d have pulled in as many writers.  As usual the ones who showed were motivated, enthusiastic, and curious.  It was a great group and I hope they got a lot out of the experience.

A couple of the attendees wrote an article about it for the Daily Dragon.

Mike Brotherton, astronomer/educator/author, Timothy Slater, astronomer/educator, and Stephanie Slater, astronomer/cognitive scientist captivated an eager group of science fiction writers and enthusiasts drawn to all things lunar, solar, and stellar. The Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers made its Dragon*Con debut Saturday and crammed topics ranging from our solar system to the observable universe into a mere seven hours…

Follow the link to read the whole piece.


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