50 Ultimate Genre Match-Ups

October 30th, 2012

I remember watching an episode of Cheers long ago in which they were arguing about Addams Family vs. The Munsters.

And I was just reading a thread on Fark which was largely dominated by Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

So I thought it would be fun to make a list.  A lot of them are obvious.  I’ll bold my choices.

1. Addams Family vs. The Munsters

2. Star Wars vs. Star Trek

3. Predator vs. Alien

4. Jacob vs. Edward…I don’t care.

5. Original vs. New Battlestar Galactic

6. Superman vs. Batman

7. Captain Marvel vs. Superman (there’s dumb and dumberer)

8. Fast vs. Slow Zombies

9. DC vs. Marvel Superheroes

10. Armageddon vs. Deep Impact (but I didn’t love the latter)

11. Original vs. New Dr. Who…pass.  Too hard because I grew up with the former.

12. Star Wars vs. Empire Strikes Back

13. Star Trek IV vs. Star Trek II

14. Worldcon vs. Dragoncon (conflicted…let me go to both a few more times!)

15. Nebulas vs. Hugos

16. Sci-Fi vs. SF

17. SyFy vs. Sci-Fi

18. Urban fantasy vs. epic fantasy

19. Alternate history vs. time travel

20. Steampunk vs. cyberpunk

21. Flesh Gordon vs. Barbarella

22. King Kong vs. Godzilla

23. Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

24. Teen Titans vs. X-Men

25. Flash Gordon vs. Buck Rogers

26. Alien vs. Aliens

27. Terminator vs. Terminator 2

28. Frank Miller vs. Alan Moore

29. Starship Troopers vs. Forever War

30. The Stars My Destination vs. Demolished Man

31. Chronicles of Narnia vs. Lord of the Rings

32. Conan vs. Elric (tough one!)

33. Left Hand of Darkness vs. The Dispossessed

34. Lucifer’s Hammer vs. Footfall

35. Dracula vs. Lestat (forgive my rock and roll bias here, it’s showing)

36. C3PO vs. R2D2 (duh!)

37. Edgar Allen Poe vs. H. P. Lovecraft (potentially unpopular choice)

38. Dracula vs. Frankenstein

39. Man-Thing vs. Swamp-Thing

40. Mormonism vs. Scientology (a push for me)

41. Brave New World vs. Farenheit 451 vs. 1984

42. Spider-man and his Amazing Friends vs. Superfriends (Wonder Dog trumps Miss Whateverhernamewas)

43. Stormbringer vs. Excalibur

44. His Dark Materials vs. Harry Potter

45. Flying Saucers vs. Rockets

46. Phasers vs. Photon Torpedoes (I confess I don’t really understand the pros and cons of each!  Educate me!)

47. Darth Maul vs. Darth Vader

48. Snowcrash vs. Neuromancer

49. Blasters vs. Phasers

50. Dinosaurs vs. Dragons (Hard Choice!)

That was fun, but…what did I get wrong?  What obvious head-to-head match-ups did I forget?



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