Sunday Starlinks

December 23rd, 2012

Phil Plait offers up the best astronomy images of 2012.  Some really nice choices.  Another recent post shares the news of new distance record holders.

If I were insanely rich, I’d love to buy things like this.  I guess Paul Allen does, and shares his collection with the Science Fiction Museum, for which I am grateful.

Gravitylight!  This is how the future comes to the developing world.

Did Google kill the Singularity?

What were the last words spoken on the moon?

Some more love for The Forever War…unfortunately couched in whiny complaining about stereotypes that it avoided 30+ years ago.  If you missed the previous praise, follow the link at the link…

Government mistakes cartoonist’s paycheck for terrorist funds.  While I believe that there are things the government can do well and better than the private sector, this doesn’t give me confidence.  I want competent people protecting me, not clueless morons who can’t tell the difference between a comic book and a terror organization.  And in a similar bit of legal incompetence, amazon pulls book when a game company complains that they own the term “space marine.”  Hard to be a creator sometimes.  (Thanks, Russ!)

2000 Weightless Ping Pong Balls with Science Bob:


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