Sunday Starlinks

December 30th, 2012

I prefer astronomy to biology, but I’m willing to share Eric Idle’s talents, revamping the Galaxy Song for biology.

25 Most anticipated movies of 2013 include a lot of science fiction: Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Ender’s Game, Star Trek Into Darkness, etc…

Sci-Fi quotes of the year.  Here’s one:  “Seeing Yoda advertise Vodafone is like seeing a picture of my grandmother in a phone box, advertising cut price blow jobs.” Simon Pegg

Greatest Science Fiction Porn Movies of All Time (ok, just 1961-1991 at the link).  Same author, the always interesting Charlie Jane Anders, also offers the weirdest and sexiest costumes from Star Trek.

First “Alien Earth” will be found in 2013, experts say, says Fox News.  Well, odds are good, but I’m betting it’ll be decades before we can say more than it’s the right size at the right distance from the right kind of star.  I mean, if we found Venus around another main sequence G star, we’d be touting “Earth 2” but Venus is NOT Earth-like, is it?

What kind of dinosaur meat would taste best?  A great, science-based article a science fiction writer can sink his teeth into.

Space tourism lacks medical standards.  Yeah…haven’t really needed them yet.

New Orleans making some moves to keep Creationism OUT of schools.  I could use more stories like these out there!

Science, the public, and the history of science.  A minor kerfuffle involving scientists and science historians/philosophers and public policy.  I’m biased, and tend to side with the scientists.  The social side has a bad history when it comes to understanding science, but that’s no reason to discount all sides of the discussion on the present issue.

How animals see.  This is a must read for anyone thinking about aliens and how they may see.

From Six insane superstitions still with us, and Four Dangerous Dimwits.


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