Sunday Starlinks

January 7th, 2013

The everyday world in one equation.  Don’t worry — I have the background in principle to work through this, and it’s hard for me to parse, too.

The problem with the Big Bang Theory (TV Show)I posted several years back on this issue, and decided I was cool with it.  (Note that the wordpress polls are broken.)  I’m thinking about having a BBT themed birthday party this year, which I think will be fun.

Science fiction is killing itself with time travel and post-apocalyptic stories? Perhaps. Time travel is not often handled well, and if science fiction went back in time to kill its own grandfather, what would we have today? (Thanks, Iljitsch.)

Do gay men anally give birth to the devil?  This is ridiculously stupid.  Everyone knows that every time a man is anally penetrated an angel gets its wings.

A really interesting article providing some strong evidence for a link between lead (leaded gasoline) and IQ drops and criminal behavior.  Forget Roe vs. Wade or overzealous policing, which don’t work as well.  I think this should be the leading (heh) theory.

A peek at the far distant future.

How space travel hurts the brain.  So how about what listening to a story does to your brain.  What about a story about space travel?

Twin Peaks redux?  That gum I like may come back into style.

Finally, an “Honest Trailer” for Prometheus:

Seems about right to me…


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