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    Spider Star

    The human colony on the planet Argo has long explored and exploited the technology left behind by an extinct alien race. But then an archaeology team accidentally activates a terrible weapon...
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    Spider Star

    "Seldom does a storytelling talent come along as potent and fully mature as Mike Brotherton. His complex characters take you on a voyage that is both fiercely credible and astonishingly imaginative. This is Science Fiction."
    -- David Brin

    "Star Dragon is terrific fare, offering readers a fusion of hard science and grand adventure."
    -- Locus Magazine

    "Star Dragon is steeped in cosmology, the physics of interstellar travel, exobiology, artificial intelligence, bioscience. Brotherton, author of many scientific articles in refereed journals, has written a dramatic, provocative, utterly convincing hard science sf novel that includes an ironic twist that fans will love."
    -- Booklist starred review

    "Readers hungry for the thought-provoking extrapolation and rigorous technical detail of old-fashioned hard SF are sure to enjoy astronomer Brotherton's first novel."
    -- Publishers Weekly

    "Mike Brotherton, himself a trained astrophysicist, combines the technical acuity and ingenuity of Robert Forward with the ironic, postmodern stance and style of M. John Harrison. In this, his debut novel, those twin talents unite to produce a work that is involving on any number of levels. It's just about all you could ask for in a hardcore SF adventure."
    -- Paul di Fillippo, SCI-FI.COM

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Sunday Starlinks

February 10th, 2013

I’m on vacation visiting my family in St. Louis.  I’ve got more links on the machine back in Laramie, but these are the ones I have handy.  I’ll get the other ones in next week.

Over at Amazing Stories Mike Brotherton (I know him!) responds to the question, “Is Science Killing Science Fiction?”  I’m blogging over there about once a week and will try to post links from here to there on Sundays at least.

GOP Leader Marco Rubio questions global warming/climate change.  I think Floridians won’t be able to do this much longer without being laughed out of the state.  Rubio is misinformed or simply pandering to an anti-science right wing base, but it bodes ill for a party that has already lost its intellectual credentials for pandering to that side.

Adapting humans for space (Centauri Dreams).  I think this question is really interesting as a subset of the question of how we control our own future, technologically as well as biologically.

Texas school board searching for “another side” to theory of evolution.  They’re going to be looking for a while, I predict.  No one has found a better explanation for the diversity of life here on Earth, and there are parts of the theory that are observed facts now.

An exciting but controversial propellantless space drive.  The proof will be in the pudding, and it sounds like engineering at this point, not physics, assuming they’ve got that figured out.  I know enough about this to be cautiously optimistic, even though it sounds weird, and opinion won’t matter either way in the face of concrete evidence.

Martian metal.  Interesting find from Curiosity.

Nuclear Reactors: Fantasy and Fact


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