Vintage Genre Toy Score

February 14th, 2013

I went back to visit family in St. Louis last week and brought back some old toys from Grandpa’s basement:


The only one in really bad shape is Rom the Spaceknight.

Rodan by Mattel (from 1979 or 1980) is in great shape as is the box.

Krusher by Mattel is in great shape, too, although the box has some damage on the back.  The material is still totally soft and krushable!

I have to carefully check the Star Trek playset (with a really clever transporter) and the Mad Monster Castle to see if I have all the parts for them.

I’ll probably be selling these soon on ebay or similar, and a few of these are rare and sought after.  Might get close to $1000 for the bunch.  Have to split it with my brother — we shared all the toys back in the day.



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