Sunday Starlinks

February 24th, 2013

Got some stories to write, as well as a Hubble Space Telescope proposal, so let me procrastinate by blogging.

Speak up for science!  Petition the U.S. Government in advance of the sequestration.

Recently I mentioned that the Blade Runner setting of 2017 is going to be in China, not LA.  Scroll down through the cool pictures here and see exactly what I mean.  They even have the big, glowing, animated billboards.

Great essay on interstellar travel: starships of the mind.

A nice press release (including spectra, yay!) on a topic that overlaps my research: 3-D Observations of an Outflow from an Active Galactic Nuclei.

Meteors are real and you can see where they’ve hit in recent millenia.

I doubt it will happen, but hope otherwise.  Millionaire spaceflier to send astronauts past Mars this decade.

Only five possible explanations for why we haven’t found alien life yet?

Have a faster-than-light colony ship?  This is what you should know about exoplanets.

Whose more at risk, redshirts or goldshirts?  In any event, I expect to be wearing blue when I’m part of Starfleet.

Neat statistical look at science and science fiction in the real world.  Bonus: Asimov’s psychohistory.

Not only are Card’s views making it hard to work in comics, there are concerns it could be a problem for the big-budget film “Ender’s Game.”

Republicans dominating state politics, destroying science.  Second part got my attention.  For instance, this story about a bill that would force students in Kansas to be misinformed about climate change.

Dangers of carbon trapped in the permafrost.

An example of science/science journalism criticism, which could have been stronger and more professional, but unfortunately marred by an author’s personal beliefs.

On the intellectual gravity of former baseball players.  Funny stuff from the addled mind of Jose Canseco.

Can boosting your immunity make you smarter?  Some evidence to suggest so, but being healthy is a good thing, too, all by itself.  And in other brain news, it’s argued that the brain is not “computable,” which would derail or delay the Singularity indefinitely.  Seems like a false dichotomy, to me, if I had to place a bet.



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