Sunday Starlinks

March 3rd, 2013

Big deadline on March 1 is past (Hubble Space Telescope proposal deadline).  New deadlines for some short stories.

Obama’s Star Wars/Trek Gaffe:  Ridiculed by SF fans, and justified by super SF fans.  Obama is not a big enough fan to deserve the somewhat obscure justification, in my opinion.  (Thanks, Eric!)

A comet may hit Mars in 2014.  A big one.  This promises to be pretty cool although it’s still a longshot, and a reminder that it could happen to us.  This is the defense spending that should be bloated and out of control.  Another take on the story.

This has been floating around facebook recently and I know little about it except that it’s cool: an animation showing the solar system moving through the galaxy.

This is so cool…A real life version of a millionaire’s adventure quest, ala Ready Player One, designed to help inspire people to enjoy something the rich guy enjoyed.  In this case, it’s a treasure chest hidden in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, NM.  It’s even got its own cryptic set of clues in the form of a poem to solve like a riddle.  We need Batman!

To save science, celebrate high-quality ignorance!  Some sense in this.

20 Questions with the Space Station by Brian Malow.

The Science Fiction Fan’s Bucket List.  I probably should have put on there something like reading all the award winners in the field, but there’s always room to add to the list.

Short one this week…there’s writing to do!



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