Sunday Starlinks

November 10th, 2013

November is always crunch time for me. No, not NaNoWriMo, but it starts with Halloween and throwing a party, and then has a proposal deadline for the National Science Foundation on the 15th, and just driving for the end of the semester takes an effort. So, the slow blogging continues. But here are some links to clear out for the week:

Over at Amazing Stories, I talk about the first books coming out of Springer’s Science and Fiction series. If you read this blog, they’re likely of interest to you. Check them out.

Jamie Todd Rubin relates his experience at the most recent Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers. He liked it.

My buddy Pat Hall’s quasar research gets some media attention. I found one example of the kind of rare object he’s talking about, some 15 years ago, but he’s done a lot more work thinking about them.

Keep tabs on Comet Ison!

Largest structure in the universe apparently found. I’m a little skeptical, but some good people are involved and a line line of quasars sounds cool!

The sequester is still there, and not good for NASA astrophysics. I should know…just got a grant turned down.

Another anthology of exoplanet stories that looks similar to the Kepler’s Dozen I was recently part of. Sean Carroll on the recent exoplanet research and Fermi’s paradox.

The next world war to be fought by enhanced humans. Maybe. I actually have a much worse vision.

Trying to reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics. Interesting.

This is the future: man uses 3D printer to make a prosthetic hand for his son for about $10.

Don’t let climate change deniers convince you that we’re in a warming “pause.” From Phil Plait.

Fortune teller accused of fraud — duh!

Scientifically accurate Thundercats. Fun! Sort of…

Loki sits down with some kids… Love it!

I liked Ender’s Game okay, but didn’t love it. Apparently it didn’t do well enough to make a sequel likely.

Neil deGrasse Tyson wrong about Thor’s hammer? Say it isn’t so! But the real problem is that the thing is magic, even with the science patches the movies are trying to do.

A mother censoring Harry Potter on the fly reading to her child. Uncomfortable with this.

The only writing advice you’ll ever need. (From Michael Swanwick, a pretty damn good writer.)

Dr. Who vs. Jesus. Funny.

I want my bathroom to look like the transporter room from Star Trek. Don’t you?

All hail the Gore King! (I’m not saying it’s a dinosaur, but it’s a dinosaur.)

Working on number 4 from this list right now.

I don’t know where this came from, or if it’s viral marketing, but it’s creepy and brilliant: genpets.

Republicans trying to tie down the NSF with more justification busy work…when I know from personal experience how seriously the process is already taken. I can’t help but feel that some politicians don’t get science and try to impose their own perspectives on things they know nothing about.

Apparently Netflix is going to make a series of Marvel Superhero TV shows, featuring Daredevil and more. After watching House of Cards, hell yes!

Anyone read any Carlton Mellick III? I want to try, I think…

A lot of articles about imposter syndrome recently. Here’s a nice blog post about it, and how it’s a positive thing, if viewed objectively.


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