Sunday Starlinks

December 1st, 2013

I think I need to get a full-spectrum lamp. Some years, like this one, the short and dark days really get to me. You’d think an astronomer wouldn’t mind…

To be or not to be, Comet ISON gets beaten up by the sun, survives, but not clear yet what kind of show it’s still capable of putting on.

To explore is to live, to remain human. Amen. Agree with this completely. More than that, even.

What do we know about the early universe?

Redefining the habitable zone. I live in Wyoming, so I understand…Planet Sahara and Planet Wyoming both contain inhabitants…

The star as a starship. Zwicky, Benford, Niven, etc… Good stuff.

Astroboffins? Astroboffins? WTF am I reading here? Interesting story about black holes totally ruined by bizarre “boffin” terminology. OK, maybe I’m not just as up on my British slang as I had thought, but the term fails for me.

Ancient “ghostbuster demon” creatures pooped together. That is the headline, and I approve.

“Negative data.” This is all too true a scenario, and the current system does not reward those who publish the null or uninteresting results. There should be a journal with a low barrier to publication that lets us write short letters summarizing the experiments that didn’t yield anything interesting enough to write up in detail and publish in a top journal, an arduous and expensive process (in time and money).

Ray Kurzweil still looking toward immortality. “Some people think they’re going to die someday. I got news: you never got to go!”

I saw the Loch Ness Monster, but maybe that’s just me. Actually an article about an interesting topic: the perceptual limitations of humans, unfortunately under the patronizing title “Be Less Stupid” and with some elitist text.

Surreal painted faces. I just like these.

What color is the universe? Such a human-centric question!


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