Monday Starlinks

December 16th, 2013

First, a “nearby habitable planet” infographic. But what’s habitable is somewhat of a moving target.

And check out the story about the water geyser erupting from Europa — if only for the ludicrous second picture where a low-res and high-res image have been put together.

Is the universe a hologram? Or could it collapse today? But what if we have rainbow gravity? Or do we live in the Matrix? Personally, I’m thinking some theorists and science journalists have been bored… I’m an empiricist, and will stick with the possible illusion of objective reality until there’s compelling evidence to do otherwise.

Got some useless and boring kitsch laying around? Make it horrible and entertaining…

Even though a recent study says you shouldn’t listen to music while studying (or writing or…), I’m happy to trade a little efficiency for a more enjoyable environment.

Religion on the decline. (Skip the misleading headline about god dying.)

Read the reviews for this moderately pricey TV

Eight things the world’s most successful people have in common. I managed to say “no” last week to an interesting and important request that would have cost me a lot of time, so maybe I’m learning…

Evidence that drinking alcohol extends life — even heavy drinking with its cons. Article speculates that this is associated with the social benefits.

Foolproof party banter for scientists. Not really, but it’s not bad advice, although it does assume scientists are socially retarded.

And, how to make people like you: six science-based conversation hacks. Also not bad advice…

Older article I came across about getting tenure at a research university. I did many things right, a few things wrong, but Wyoming is also not a top-ten research institute as is being discussed. We actually care about teaching here, for instance.

Ninjas vs. Professors.

The enduring wisdom of Carl Sagan. I remember watching this when it first aired.


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