Sunday Starlinks

January 19th, 2014

Busy week with classes resuming and a small chest cold. Still, some cool stuff happening at various places online:

Standard cosmic rulers calibrated to 1%. No, it’s cooler than it sounds (I have a friend intimately involved), although no cosmic nuns.

The Millennium Simulation Project and the Virgo Cluster. If you want to simulate an apple pie, you’re going to need a bigger computer.

Is the universe made of math? Well, when I have ideas like this, I turn them into science fiction stories rather than pretending they’re science. Is my experimentalist bias showing?

How to use a black hole to power a starship. I did it similarly, but not identically, in Star Dragon.

Three arguments (picked from many others!) that should never be used against man-made climate change. Also, there was an interesting press release generating some articles like this one about the “quiet sun” and its potential impact on weather patterns (NOT Climate!). This is all speculative and in no way explains global climate change to date.

Meanwhile, “quiet black holes” are sneaking up on us. (I’m not “sneaking!” they object, like Gollum.)

Why go to Mars? Astronaut number one…

Batman vs. Superman delayed. I’m a little sad about this…unless it sucks.

Interesting take on Almost Human. Almost makes me want to check it out and see if the explanation jibes with why I haven’t been interested in watching it.

Make $30k a month loving bigfoot!

Animating art? An abomination or…more art? Sampling of the classics?

Can you engineer immortality? Very worthwhile TED talk. Addresses a lot of things in a short time. Come for the information, stay for the beard.


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