Sunday Starlinks

January 26th, 2014

I’m teaching a new class this semester (Physics 1 for Engineers) and it has been taking a lot of time to get up to speed here, keeping me from doing much more than the weekly link post. Hope that will change soon. I have various bits of news (e.g., new funding for Launch Pad and an opening application window) that I’d like to share, too, and will soon.

First, Stephen Hawking on “no more black holes.” Here’s another take. This is a subtle issue and not yet resolved. As a practical matter, there are still black holes out there but they have some different features in their details than originally proposed.

There’s a new supernova in the relatively nearby galaxy M82. Another take. More on this huge deal.

NASA’s 30 Year Goal of Answering the Question, “Are We Alone?” It’s indeed feasible on that time scale.

Still, astronauts are waiting for a ride.

The coming avalanche of Chinese science. Mixed feelings about the article for me. Throwing money/people at a field really does help. Is it misguided here? Or is that wishful thinking from someone outside of China? I know that in my field, China just basically bought one of our top astronomers to establish a new world-class astrophysics center.

James Bond water-breathing tech is now a reality.

Jenny McCarthy’s mark on the world. Not limited to Playboy, unfortunately.

Yeah, why couldn’t R2-D2 speak English?


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