Sunday Starlinks

June 22nd, 2014

Make science, not war!

How will we decide which planets to terraform?

Kirk Cameron continues to let his religion improperly lead his reason. Click through if you want to see his less than scientific thoughts on our sun.

Coffee machines in spaaaaace!

Scientists totally confirm Ouija Board’s spooky powers! Not exactly…but interesting.

Stephen Hawking wary of artificial intelligence. Tell it to Adama!

Darpa chips to implant false memories: there’s a war for your mind!

Dr. Oz scolded for promoting scam weight loss supplements. As he should be. I don’t believe this should be a criminal offense, but there should be fines on TV companies/shows that knowingly push scams on the public.

How molten gold will really kill you: the science relevant to the grisly Games of Thrones scene.

The strange battle for Denver’s Comic Con. I’m interested in attending in the future, but this sounds weird.



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