Sunday Starlinks

July 6th, 2014

Ukrainian astronomers named a star, roughly translated, “Putin is a dickhead.”

New class of stars are entirely metal? Note that “metal” means not hydrogen of helium to an astronomer. Note also that this is an expectation from theory, and not actually a known empirical reality.

A previously announced exoplanet in its system’s “Goldilocks zone” debunked. Science giveth, and science taketh away.

What does alien life look like?

Top 20 Sci-Fi Films of the 21st Century. You know, there have been some good ones. I kind of feel like the average quality/quantity has gone up, even if most are bad. Most were always bad. Gravity makes the list, which leaves me conflicted — it’s an incredible movie, but the speculative elements are essentially non-existent, so much so that it shouldn’t be called “science fiction.”

Gothic bake queen awesomeness! Wish we could have gotten her to cater our wedding.

Cryptozoology news. DNA testing of some bigfoot hairs show more mundane origins (note that such tests are good and important, but not capable of disproving anything except claims about those specific samples) but more interesting is another line of evidence pointing to yeti as a kind of rare bear. Could be. A better article about cryptid DNA studies.

Geoengineering the only realistic solution to climate change? In this case, “sucking CO2 from the skies.”

On-off switch for consciousness found. Interesting. I think this is a really tough problem, and any clue is potentially important.

Quite a number of people prefer pain via electrical jolts to time thinking by themselves. Shocking, I know! Such people are not writers or scientists, I expect — wish I took more time just to think rather than feeling like I’m too busy to do so. Creative thinkers exploit time in bed and in the shower to think, but should make more time for it daily.


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