Launch Pad Sunday Starlinks

July 13th, 2014

Short list for today — got a lot to do with the workshop commencing! Let’s get started…

First, a taste of science in my subfield: NASA’s WISE findings poke hole in black hole doughnut theory. As with most contradictory ideas, false dichotomy is false and we probably just need a more nuanced understanding.

Common science myths most people believe. With Lucy coming out and the stupid “humans only use 10% of their brains” nonsense, this is timely.

BBC instructs staff to stop staging “debates” with the anti-science fringe. Sometimes there aren’t two equal sides that both deserve equal time. The balance point of a seesaw is not necessarily in the middle.

16 Weird Toys for Kids. Quite a few are SF/F/H themed, at least the way I see them. Certainly the zombie monster car is cool! Tooth monster is also awesome. (Slideshow, sorry.)

Stan Lee’s Legacy. A fair look at Marvel’s Stan Lee.

The problem isn’t America’s colleges, it’s America’s students. I tend to agree — read the article and the demographics issues before disagreeing.


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