It’s COLD in Brazil!

Most people, including Brazilians, think of Brazil as tropical, and a lot of it is.  Still, Porto Alegre is at the southern tip of the country and it’s now June and approaching winter.  It typically doesn’t snow here, but it can get down to freezing temperatures at night with wind and rain, which is no fun.

But that’s not the big problem.

I’m from the mountains in the United States.  I can take the cold.  I prefer cool temperatures to the heat.  But the infrastructure here is not set up for the cold.

A lot of the housing doesn’t have heat!  My apartment has no heating systems.  There is gas heat for the water, and I can turn on gas burners on the stove, or run my clothes dryer, but these things are not made for heating the place.  It’s warmer than outside, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s much warmer.

A Carioca would just die here.  When it is 70 degrees F in Rio they break out the coats and sweaters and start complaining!

We do tend to have a similar problem back in Wyoming.  A lot of the houses there have no air conditioning.  It can get warm in the summer sometimes, and uncomfortable.  It’s just the same problem in reverse.  Fans are cheaper, easier, and safer than space heaters, however.

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6 Responses to “It’s COLD in Brazil!”

  1. Sol Says:

    Hey… a cheap solution would be to get an
    Aquecedor e circulador de ar AB 1100

  2. admin Says:

    How much, and from where?

    I will google later I guess…

    I don’t mind a cold snap once in a while, but it could be like this for months I guess.

  3. Roger Penna Says:

    Well first thing to know is that all heating systems in Brazil run on electricity, not on gas.

    I am not sure whats cheaper, to heat a house with electric systems (resistance based heaters, air conditioning, electric oil heaters) or with gas based systems in US.

    But one thing I am sure… not only we lack proper heating systems… we also lack proper insulation in houses. Thus, the heating bill probably will be higher since the heat escapes fast.

    try to get one of these for ambient heating. Besides Americanas, you can also get them in electrodomestic stores like Colombo, Magazine Luisa, PontoFrio, etc.


    these ones are also pretty good for ambient heating

  4. Gabriella Says:

    I sympathize :) We’re going to have pretty hot weather here soon (Italy) and, apart from a couple of the big towns (Rome, Milan …) we also don’t have aircons (electricity is very expensive here)

    Compliments. Nice blog :)

  5. Expat 21 Says:

    We have exactly the same problem in Morocco. I’m from Colorado, but was never so cold in my life as when I moved here, with palm trees, but 45 degrees Farenheit indoors in winter, with no heat!

    Expat 21

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