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Bite Me With Dr. Mike in Brazil

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I already have gotten a little trouble with friends because of Mike in Brazil (a porn site online featuring sex with Brazilian girls in Rio).  I won’t supply a link.  Find it if you want.  “Mike” isn’t me!  At least not often enough…

But there’s a new Mike in Brazil on TV, and he’s a scientist with a PhD like me, too.  He’s got a TV show on the Travel Channel in the United States.  He travels the world, apparently, finding critters that bite.

Ugh.  And it’s not porn!

Bite Me With Dr. Mike.  The first episode features Brazil.

I thought this would make a good post to explain something that I think many Americans don’t appreciate.  Brazil is not one giant rain forest, or stripped rain forest.  Lots of it looks like the United States, with cities, trees, grass, birds, dogs, cats.  Some of the species are a little different, but most places aren’t swarming with monkeys (a very few are), and there aren’t giant spiders crawling through the windows.

Parts of Brazil are remote and wild, just as in the U.S.  Dr. Mike could go to the Everglades and be eaten by mosquitoes (and I once saw a show about a place in Texas where a cow was killed by mosquito bites), or to any of a dozen wild places full of biters.  Brazil probably has more this way (if Alaska is excluded), but people who watch the Simpsons may think that monkey fling shit from every street corner of every city here.  Anyway…

Here’s a preview of the episode:

Ouch!  And Texas has its fire ants, so again, interesting, but not that different.