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Reviews are Starting to Appear

Fantastic Reviews Blog highlights Mary Robinette’s story, “Jaiden’s Weaver”:

Jaiden’s Weaver” falls in that category, and it is as good an example of YA science fiction as has seen print since Robert Heinlein was still with us. Set on a habitable ringed planet, “Jaiden’s Weaver” illustrates the concept of planetary rings. The rings come into play, but the story is mainly about a young woman, Jaiden, desperate to acquire her own teddy bear spider. Her earnestness will put veteran SF readers in mind of Kip from Have Space Suit–Will Travel, yet the tale feels fresh, particularly when Jaiden starts giving parental advice, and should appeal to contemporary young readers.

I enjoyed “Jaiden’s Weaver” from start to finish, and now I can’t wait to read it to my daughter.

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