Diamonds in the Sky

More Diamonds in the Classroom

I noticed this blog entry by Dr. Robin Anne Reid:

On a creative procrastination note, behind the cut is my list of books for my fall online graduate science fiction course (which is tied to a university initiative where sf will be the focus of two sections of 201 which will be ‘tied’ to an astronomy class–which has 60-65 students, so the same students will be in lit and astronomy–that’s a complicated situation I’ll have to explain later). The list is a bit long, but there are some books it may not be possible to get ahold of, and if it is, not everybody will be reading all the books. Because of the complicated relationship to the core cluster, the books are primarily astronomically oriented hard sf.

First item in the list:

Diamonds in the Sky
Mike Brotherton
Funded by a National Science Foundation Grant
Teaching astronomy through SF!

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