2016 Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop Participants

April 20th, 2016

Long time no blog, but I usually post the participant list for Launch Pad here, and I shall continue. It’s an impressive, diverse bunch, as usually. We have novelists, short story writers, science historians, game designers, media folks, Hollywood writers, and graphic novel creators. They’ve got a lot of interesting projects going on and I expect they’ll make the most of Launch Pad.

Jim Hines
Eric Choi
Gillian Clinton
Amy Nichols
Zen Cho
Ian McDonald
David Mercutio Rivera
Brittany Cavallaro
Monica Valentinelli
Fonda Lee
Elise Tobler
Angie Smibert
Alison Wilgus
Diana Botsford
Robsert Skir
Steve Ruskin
Martin Shoemaker


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