Why does Superman have a Muscular Body?

December 16th, 2009

I am such a nerd.   There is no reasonable answer to my question, except for the obvious “he’s an alien, that’s why” or “shut up and stop being such a nerd!”

(Why Superman should look like a human at all is another question I won’t ask for now, as is why doesn’t anyone see through his clever Clark Kent disguise.)

Astronauts living in microgravity very rapidly lose muscle and can have problems walking when they return to Earth gravity.   They have to work very hard, hours of exercise per day, to stave off the negative effects of floating around all day without having to move a muscle.

Superman, as strong as he is, should suffer the same effects here on Earth.   He barely gets a workout doing anything short of juggling cars or moving mountains.

If comics made any sense at all, it should be Super Stickman.


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