Video Game Science

January 26th, 2010

I was just thinking of, or trying to think of, video games with good science that teach a little science.   As usual, I tend to think of physics and astronomy, and the things that occur to me first are usually down this line of thinking.   I know that I’ve missed a lot of PC games and console games and thought I’d ask for help.   What games have good science, particularly in terms of physics or astronomy?   I’ll throw out two from my childhood that I was a big fan of.

Space War. Ships moving in space with impulse and gravity. You learn right away a lot of rules of celestial mechanics, or the star/black hole eats your ship. There is also the issue of 2-dimensional thinking that did in Kahn.

Lunar Lander.   Fuel.   Action and reaction.   Gravity.   Good old Newtonian physics:

What else?   I know there have been some PC-based space exploration games that use real stars and things, but I can’t remember any specifically by name.   Games that get space battles, inertia, mechanics right?   Games that depend on evolution?   Help me out.   I’d like to make a list.   A lot of the older games can be found online these days, in some version or another.



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