Margaret Atwood: Very Very Stupid Smart Person

September 24th, 2010

Apparently Margaret Atwood, the author of the Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, doesn’t believe that men walked on the moon.   Maybe it’s worse than that — she’s trying to hedge her bets because she’s a “smart” person who knows being skeptical about this is idiotic and doesn’t want to admit to herself that she’s an idiot:

So what is it that Ms. Atwood said?

“The question about the moon landing is why haven’t we been back?” she muses in the interview. “It was done in an age where computers were as big as a couple of rooms. If you even look at the [2001: A Space Odyssey], HAL the computer, and I think that movie came out in the late ’60s, HAL the computer is huge.

“We didn’t yet have microchips. So I just wonder, how did they do that? Why haven’t they done it again if it was so easy?”

Ms. Lemire reasons, quite reasonably, that having been there and done that once, perhaps there was no need to go back.

“President Bush said we’re going back or words to that effect and then people calculated how long it would take or how much money it would cost to actually do that. It was a long time and a lot of money,” Ms. Atwood replies in the interview. “Just wondering.… just wondering about the belt of deadly radiation that people had to go through to get to the moon. And those strange shadows and why the flag rippled and a few things like that.”

This was from a review a few years ago to a high school student.   When asked more recently about this:

“It’s a running joke and also a running conspiracy theory that the moon shot took place in Sudbury. There’s another running joke that the Russian space stuff was filmed under the Moscow central subway station,” Ms. Atwood writes. “If you’re asking whether I believe either of these, on the whole, no, because too many people were involved — surely you couldn’t keep ALL of them from leaking. But the questions about the computer technology needed to do something this complex remain with us — what were they using, in those days before microchips? How heavy was it?”

Keep in mind that the student who interviewed her does not believe she was joking at all.

So, she doesn’t really believe it was a hoax– except she’s still skeptical.   Have some intellectual integrity, you idiot!   Jesus Christ.   She believes it really happened because so many people couldn’t be trusted not to let the cat out of the bag, except she also believe all the crap that the conspiracy folks are pushing about it.   I hope Buzz Aldrin punches her in the face if she ever meets him.   She’s the worst kind of stupid smart person.

To make my biases clear, I already thought she was an idiot because she’s one of those people who refuses to acknowledge she writes science fiction even though she writes science fiction.   She’s an intellectual snob, and a very very lightweight one at that who has no concept of reality or intellectual consistency.   Here, permit me to publicly sneer in her general direction.   Whether or not you are a fan of her “literary works” I think it’s safe to say that her opinions about herself, her work, and the world in which she lives are difficult to respect.   “Why haven’t they done it again if it was so easy?” She is not a rational, consistent thinker.   Grrr.


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