The Roger Ebert of Science Fiction Movies

May 19th, 2011

Apparently it’s me:

Call Michael Brotherton the Roger Ebert of science fiction movies. Known for his work relating to the study of supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies, he also diligently pursues another passion: checking if the science is right in movies. An associate professor of astronomy at the University of Wyoming, Brotherton combines his love of science with his interest in science fiction. And he takes his science seriously.

“A lot of people might watch a documentary on TV, or maybe they’ll pick up a pop science book,” Brotherton says. “But for most people, the only science they’re going to get is going to be stealth education through entertainment. If it’s consistently bad, I think that’s a problem for our society.

“There are a lot of important scientific issues facing us.”

That’s the opening of an article about me and my fusion of science and science fiction that’s in the latest issue of the University of Wyoming magazine. It isn’t a long article, and it does have a decent photo of me…holding a piece of film in front of a telescope. Check it out.


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