Can You Figure Out What this Science Fiction Novel is Trying to Say?

July 17th, 2012

This is passed on from a friend of a friend, who is a Spanish teacher using a science fiction novel (I don’t know which one) in her class, and had this question:

 I’m working on a sci fi novel to use in class and there is a reference to (translated):  the reflection point of the Earth.This is the paragraph from a hypothetical future:

“Region L.H. 527 of the Andromedan galaxy.  A recently mapped zone.  The reflection point of the Earth that appears in the diagram isn’t to be found in this representation (one sent in from outer space).”

Is this referring to the perspective of the star map?  That is, the one received from outer space is not from a perspective from Earth?

Frankly I’m a little stumped.  I don’t know if it is bad writing, difficult translation, or what.  I’m sure I don’t know everything, but I’m tempted to write it off as technobabble.  Thought I’d post about it and see if it made sense to anyone.


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